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West Crawford Elementary

WCE Title I

The Connellsville Area School District operates a school wide Title I Program.  Title I programs are supplemental instructional services, in the areas of reading and mathematics, which are funded by the Federal Government.  The purpose of Title I is to improve the academic achievement of our students.  The services of the Title I Staff may be delivered as in-class support or pull-out support.  In addition to these services, the Title I Program runs an RTII (Response to Instruction and Intervention) format during Intervention periods for grades K-2.  Students work in small groups which specifically target the students' needs in reading, such as phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.
Your child will participate in three reading benchmark assessments.  These assessments are used to group students based on needs. DIBELS is the district wide tool used to assess the reading benchmark.  It is a web-based assessment, data management, and reporting system that provides the framework for RTII.  This program allows teachers to universally screen and progress monitor students.
  • The first benchmark assessment will be held in the fall during the month of September.
  • The second benchmark assessment will be administered in the winter during the month of January.
  • The final assessment will be administered in the spring during the month of May.