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What is PBIS? (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support)

PBIS is a schoolwide discipline program that emphasizes a positive approach for defining, teaching, and encouraging appropriate student behavior. PBIS is used to help create a positive climate and school culture. PBIS is a decision making framework that uses evidence-based academic and behavioral practices to achieve student success.


 Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide a positive, safe, healthy, nurturing and respectful environment in which all students have the opportunity to become productive members of society. We will provide this through: the development of clearly defined student expectations, the use of a data driven information system, and by implementing educationally sound methods that foster student character, safety, academic excellence and individual citizenship.

WCE Acknowledgement System

Throughout the year, students earn soar cents! Students are given soar cent tickets to reinforce and celebrate the success of following the behavioral expectations. Every time a student earns a soar cent, they will also be given a sticker for the chart displayed outside of their homeroom classroom. Any student who earns a soar cent is also eligible for a weekly reward drawing (name goes in a soar box). Weekly winners are also recognized on the West Crawford Word Morning News. Our principal, Mrs. Kuhns, will visit the K-2 classrooms around the 4-week mark to give a special prize reward to students that have the magic number of soars. Students caught “soaring” may also qualify to participate in the end of the 9-week PBIS celebration. Students with the magic number of soars will be invited to the 9-week reward celebration.


WCE students S.O.A.R

Show It
Own It
Achieve It
Respect It

West Crawford Elementary - PBIS Matrix

Our WCE PBIS Matrix outlines positive behavior expectations in each school setting (Classroom, Hallway, Cafeteria, Restroom, Bus/Van, and Playground). Student expectations are clearly defined and consistent. Please select the PDF Matrix to view ways students "SOAR" in each setting.


 PBIS Expectation Posters

Throughout the elementary school, students are reminded of the behavior expectations in each setting. Please select the PDF from the menu to view each poster.


Benefits of PBIS

-increase positive behavior

-decrease challenging behaviors

-increase instructional time

-improvements in the social climate of the school

-provide support to staff and feedback based on data collected

-foster academic excellence

-consistent expectations for all students across all school areas