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West Crawford Elementary

Mandy Lynn » Mrs. Lynn's Third Grade Cupboard Under the Stairs

Mrs. Lynn's Third Grade Cupboard Under the Stairs

Welcome to Mrs. Lynn's 3rd Grade Cupboard Under the Stairs!

I graduated from California University with my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education in 2007.  At that time I became a substitute teacher.  While I was a substitute, I continued my education to receive my Master of Education in Special Education.  I graduated with my masters in 2010 and was hired to teach full time that same year.  I am an avid reader.  My all-time favorite series would have to be Harry Potter.  That is why my page is called Mrs. Lynn's Third Grade Cupboard Under the Stairs.   


I began teaching third grade in 2010.  Since starting my teaching career, I have witnessed incredible changes in technology.  I am currently teaching all of third grade science and parts of third grade math.  I'm excited to work with the students on science projects, STEM projects, and math concepts.  If you are familiar with The Magic School Bus you know Miss Frizzle lives by the motto "Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy".  I use this motto with my students to encourage them to explore and problem solve.  That's what science is all about.  Right?